About Us

Welcome to Tysons Creamery, your handmade ice cream vendor ready to cater your events, weddings, and so much more! Here at Tysons, nothing is more important to us than putting a smile on the faces of fellow ice cream lovers and event goers all throughout the Metro DC area. We’ve been preparing our own handmade and hand packed ice creams, experimenting with different flavor combinations, and working to create healthy, savory ice cream flavors that could appeal to anyone with even the slightest sweet tooth!

And today, we’re excited about the opportunity to help you make your next event one to remember. Our handmade ice creams are always the perfect talking point, not just for their exciting flavors, but for our fresh ingredients, our bite-sized 3oz. cups, and the love that comes packed into each and every bite.

At Tysons Creamery, we’re focused on letting each and every ice cream lover out there know that it’s okay to indulge in a little bit of sweetness every now and then – especially a cup of Tysons! There’s a reason why the phrase, “everything in moderation,” is so popular with our team of master ice cream crafters here – because we believe it!

Simply because it makes you want it just as much – if not more the next time.

With every cup of Tysons ice cream, you’ll have enough flavor to keep that sweet tooth satisfied for days. So, for your next event, contact us directly and let’s learn more about who you are, what you do, and how we can help. We’re always standing at the ready to help transform your event into something unique with our fabulous ice creams.


Our Mission

At Tysons Creamery, our mission is simple – we want to share and spread our passion for ice cream to the masses! We love experimenting with new flavor combinations and using only the freshest ingredients to craft our handmade ice cream creation, the Guiltless Scoop! Ice cream doesn’t have to be scary – it can be enjoyable, tasty, healthy, and entirely guilt free.

So, if you’re ready to book us for your next event, pay a visit to our Flavors page to see everything that we have to offer. And when you’re ready, give us a call or send us a note, we’d love to talk more about your event and reserve your date!



Burt Heacock  ׀ Managing Partner ׀ Paul-Tittle Search Group 

“Wow! Who knew ice cream could taste like this. From exotic flavors like Basil and Bourbon Butterscotch Pecan to more traditional favorites like Wild Strawberry and Double Chocolate Delight every bite is a treat.”


Jane Nash

“Tysons Cremery flavors are simply delightful decadences in a cup! What a delicious way to satisfy the ice cream lover with so many dreamy and tantalizing flavors. The Double Chocolate Delight is my favorite, with rich chocolate notes that bring a smile and a wish for more! Thank you, Tysons Cremery - a special treat at every event! ”


Ambreen Rizvi  ׀ Founder & President ׀ The Brigade of Mercy 

I have had the pleasure of savoring Tysons Creamery ice cream at multiple occasions such as New Year’s parties, birthdays and charity events. The ice cream is the perfect size to experience decadent flavors while satisfying your sweet appetite. As you taste the ice cream, you can immediately tell the quality of the ingredients which melt slowly into your mouth. As the famous French author Marcel Proust wrote once about how tasting a Madeleine took him back to his wonderful past memories of his childhood, Tysons Creamery’s natural flavors can transport you to a foreign land where all your sweet taste buds can be satisfied. You just need to let your imagination work it’s magic as you taste the ice cream. I give it a 5 out 5 stars for sure!