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This is a delightful fusion of zesty orange and spicy ginger, creating a refreshing and slightly tantalizing flavor profile that's perfect for those who love a twist on classic ice cream. The sweet citrus notes of orange perfectly complement the warm, peppery kick of ginger, offering a sophisticated palate experience. This creation features real orange zest and small amounts of freshly grated ginger, ensuring a burst of natural flavors with every spoonful. Ideal for gourmet ice cream lovers seeking a unique, vibrant dessert -  it's a flavor adventure that's sure to delight!

Orange Ginger - 20 servings

  • Gluten Free

    Contains: Dairy

    Does not contain eggs.

  • PICK UP: Chantilly, VA

    Coordinated upon request.


    DELIVERY: Prince William, Fairfax and Loudoun Counties

    Delivery is $75.

    Delivery + set up + service is $175

    If you have an event or need outside of those areas, please contact us. Special accommodations can be discussed. 


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