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This unique blend combines the nutty, slightly sweet taste of pistachios with the warm, aromatic essence of cardamom, creating a delectable harmony in every spoonful. Artisanal in its creation, this ice cream is crafted using only the finest ingredients, ensuring a creamy texture and an unforgettable taste. The subtle inclusion of cardamom not only complements the pistachio's earthy tones but also adds an exotic twist that makes each bite intriguingly delicious. Perfect for those who appreciate a gourmet touch in their desserts, Pistachio Nut with a hint of Cardamom artisan ice cream is a luxurious treat that promises to indulge your senses and transport you to a world of culinary delight!

Pistachio Nut with Hint of Cardamon - 15 servings

  • Gluten Free

    Contains: Tree Nuts, Dairy

    Does not contain eggs.

  • PICK UP: Chantilly, VA

    Coordinated upon request.


    DELIVERY: Prince William, Fairfax and Loudoun Counties

    Delivery is $75.

    Delivery + set up + service is $175

    If you have an event or need outside of those areas, please contact us. Special accommodations can be discussed. 


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